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The State Treasurer is an executive officer of the state, established by the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, and is required to perform “ all . . . duties which may be required of him or her by law.” One of the responsibilities assigned to the Treasurer is the investment of funds in the State Treasury and the State Treasury Money Management Trust. The Treasurer works under the policies and procedures established by the State Board of Finance concerning the management and investment of these funds.


The priorities of the objectives of the State Treasurer’s investment practices are safety first, followed by liquidity, and finally, return on investments.


The Treasury requires that banks doing business with the investment program pledge adequate securities and have a market value equal to at least 105% of the amount of Treasury deposits and/or investments (including accrued interest); and that those securities be held by a third-party Financial Institution Custodian. The Collateralization Policy was adopted to ensure that the State Treasury Funds deposited with a financial institution must be secured at all times by conveyance of a perfected security interest in eligible securities as prescribed in Arkansas Code Annotated (Statute Symbol) 9-8-209 and (Statute Symbol) 23-32-1003 and evidenced by a security agreement.

Our Team

Robert Romanik
Senior Investment Manager

Steve Pulley
Senior Investment Manager

Damon Dortch
Treasury Investment Manager

Celeste Gladden
Treasury Investment Manager

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