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Arkansas Brighter Future 529

The Arkansas Brighter Future 529 Plan, which is sponsored by the Arkansas Treasurer of State’s office, is an education savings plan that allows your savings to grow tax-deferred through a variety of investment options. Later, your money can be withdrawn tax-free to pay for educational expenses like tuition, housing, and supplies at nearly any two- or four-year college, university, vocational, or trade school nationwide. Funds in a 529 account may also be used at eligible institutions abroad. Plus, with recent plan changes, you can use 529 funds for K-12 private school tuition, apprenticeship costs, and student loan debt repayment.

There are several tax benefits for anyone who contributes to an Arkansas Brighter Future 529 account, including up to a $10,000 deduction for joint state income tax filers.  

The gift of an education is an investment that can have a generational impact. With the Arkansas Brighter Future 529 Plan, you can help make your loved one’s future even brighter.

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