Financing To Fulfill Our Missions


The objectives of the State Treasurer’s investment practices, in priority order, will be safety, liquidity and return on investments. To meet these objectives, the State Treasurer and designated investment officers will:

Seek to ensure the preservation of capital by adhering to all restrictions on the investment of funds established by law and by this policy.

Maintain liquidity by seeking to match the maturity structure of the portfolio to reasonably anticipated cash requirements, as well as maintaining an adequate portion of the portfolio in readily marketable securities.

Optimize the return on investments by structuring the portfolio in such a way that a market rate of return is earned through budgetary and economic cycles within the existing constraints of safety and liquidity.

Strive to meet the target rate of return as set by the State Board of Finance.


CD Trust Investment program was established to allow State Agencies to invest their trust funds in Certificates of Deposit with Arkansas State banks. State Agencies and Arkansas banks both benefit from this program by keeping money in Arkansas and yielding the best available rate to the State Agencies.

In 2018, the Treasury launched an online CD auction program – the Arkansas Transparent Treasury Auction, or ATTA. This program allows for a transparent, competitive process to place CD’s with Arkansas banking institutions. Institutions desiring to participate in these auctions should register with the Investment Division of the Treasury, and submit the required forms. These forms are available in standard PDF and fillable PDF formats in the FORMS section of the website.

The ATTA program also allows the general public to view active and past auctions, as well as any scheduled future auctions.


Inventory of Treasury Investments by security type.


Compilation of certificates of a deposit placed with Arkansas banks on behalf of state agencies.


Various agencies and programs that have access to Tobacco Settlement proceeds. These proceeds are used to improve and implement statewide health initiatives.