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State Treasury Money Management Trust

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Policies and Procedures Manual, Amended 08/08/2018

Governing Body Authorizing Resolution
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Participation Application Form
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Deposit Form
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Transfer Form
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Draft Account Closure Form
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Withdrawal Form
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Money Management charts

FY17 / FY18 / FY19 Earnings/Rate of Return

Calendar Year 2018 Rate of Return

Calendar Year 2017 Rate of Return

For information, email or call 501-682-5888.

Q & A

What is the State Treasury Money Management Trust (STMMT)?

The STMMT is a mechanism for state agencies and local governments to invest idle cash funds. Those entities can take advantage of the volume and experience offered by the State Treasury.

How can I participate?

Eligible enrollees are defined by Ark. Code Ann. § 19-3-603. Entities that wish to participate should complete the Participation Application Form.

How much will it cost?

There is an annualized 0.05% (five one hundredths of one percent or five “basis points”) management fee. Additionally, there is an administration charge of $15 for withdrawals or transfers from a STMMT account to a State Treasury Fund. There will be no charge for deposits, and no charge for transfers from one STMMT account to another STMMT account.

What is the minimum deposit to open an account?

The minimum deposit to open a STMMT account is $1,000. All deposits must be made electronically by either wire transfer or ACH.

How will I know how much money I have in my STMMT account?

The STMMT will e-mail a monthly statement to each participant. That statement will show account transactions and interest earned in the month for which the most recent distribution is made. The statement will be emailed on or about the 5th of the month following the distribution date.


Participants are advised to fully understand all risks associated with any kind of investing they choose. Invested funds, including principal and any interest earned, are not guaranteed or insured by the Arkansas Treasury, the State of Arkansas, or the FDIC. The underlying investments are subject to market risk and loss of principal. The STMMT is not a registered Money Market Fund and is not regulated by the SEC. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

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