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What is the Arkansas 529 College Investing Plan?

Our state is much more than a great place to live. It can also be a great place to save for college, vocational or technical school, thanks to the Arkansas 529 College Investing Plan.

With the Arkansas 529 College Investing Plan, sponsored by the Treasurer of State's, your savings can grow tax-deferred through a wide variety of investment options. Later, the money can be withdrawn tax-free to pay for qualified higher education costs like tuition, room and board, and supplies at nearly any two- or four-year college, university, vocational, or trade school.

Of all the gifts you'll give your child or grandchild, few will be more important than a college or technical school education. With the Arkansas 529 College Investing Plan, a powerful 529 program offered by the State of Arkansas, you can help make post-secondary education a reality. Best of all, your Arkansas 529 College Investing Plan account can be used for any eligible institution in the United States and abroad.

Every dollar counts!

  • Why the Arkansas 529 College Investing Plan?

    Unlike traditional savings vehicles, the Arkansas 529 College Investing Plan can help your college savings grow tax-deferred through an investment strategy tailored to your time horizon, risk tolerance and comfort level. In addition, the plan offers:

    - the flexibility to use the funds at any eligible, accredited public or private college, university, or technical school worldwide
    - up to a $5,000 Arkansas tax deduction ($10,000 for married couples)
    - tax-free withdrawals for qualified expenses
    - matching grants for Arkansas businesses
    - tax advantages for transferring an out-of-state 529 plan into an Arkansas 529 plan
    - the ability to carry forward a tax deduction over the maximum allowed amount for up to four succeeding years
    - an automatic investment plan (AIP) for as little as $10/month

  • Investing is easy.

    What kind of investor are you?

    Do you prefer a hands-on approach? Or would you rather be less involved?

    Either way, the Arkansas 529 College Investing Plan gives you several options for choosing the strategy that’s right for you, your child or grandchild and your particular risk tolerance. Choose between age-based options, custom portfolios or an FDIC-insured option.

  • Opening an account is easy.

    Enroll online at or request an enrollment kit by calling (501) 682-1406 today.

    Turn celebrations & daily purchases into college savings with both the Ugift and Upromise Rewards programs. Call us today for more information!

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  • When I learned about the GIFT Arkansas 529 Plan, my wife and I immediately set up accounts for our children. What a great resource that has been! It is easy and affordable, and the option for extended family members to contribute is a tremendous benefit.

    Director Johnny Key
    AR Dept. of Education, Little Rock, AR

  • I can say from personal experience that the 529 College Investing Plan is a great deal. I opened an account for my granddaughter. It is not an overnight thing, but if you start young enough, then when college time comes, the money is there to go to college and graduate debt-free. It’s just a fantastic deal!

    Jack Treat
    Marshall, AR

  • My wife and I started with Arkansas' 529 program soon after our first child was born. I originally invested in another state's 529, but rolled the assets over to Arkansas' 529 when it began offering Vanguard mutual funds. We now have two children and couldn't be happier with the program or its investment options. We also like the fact the program continues to innovate with services like Ugift while also maintaining excellent one-on-one customer support.

    Todd Smith
    Farmers Bank & Trust, Magnolia, AR

  • The GIFT Arkansas 529 Plan has allowed us a real way of guaranteeing the most important "gift" we can give to our son; the financial means to support his access to a college education. The ease of setup, high quality management, remarkably low fees, and associated reward programs have allowed us to make the most of our contributions. GIFT Arkansas has removed all the complexities from the investment strategies and allowed us to focus on the pride of watching his college savings grow with him. More than that, GIFT Arkansas has been our partner in ensuring that we can keep a promise we, as parents, made when we were blessed with the birth of our son. Thanks to the GIFT Arkansas our son will have the opportunity to earn his college degree.

    Chris Thomason
    u of a community college, hope, ar