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About AR Finance AR Future

What is AR Finance AR Future?

The AR Finance AR Future is a pilot program in financial education initiated by Treasurer Milligan in the fall of 2015. The Center for Financial Literacy in Vermont, which rates all states on their financial literacy instruction, gave the State of Arkansas an ‘F’ grade in 2013. With the need for more financial education apparent, Milligan implemented the AR Finance AR Future program that is designed to increase awareness and financial literacy among Arkansas students. The program, which is free to schools, has impacted more than 19,200 students in 148 schools, and has brought more than 36,500 hours of financial education to Arkansas students. Arkansas’ ranking by the Center for Financial Literacy has improved to a ‘B’ grade since this program was implemented. The AR Finance AR Future program is offered through the Arkansas 529 College Investing Plan that is administered by the Treasurer of State’s office.

  Program Infographic
  Arkansas improves 'Grade' for teaching financial literacy.

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AR Finance AR Future in the Classroom

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Learning about finance