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Welcome to the office of Arkansas Treasurer of State Dennis Milligan. The chief duty of the Treasurer is to serve as the state's Chief Financial Officer overseeing the investment and banking functions of the state.  The Treasurer serves on various boards and commissions including the State Board of Finance, Arkansas Public Employees Retirement System Board of Trustees, Arkansas Teacher Retirement System Board of Trustees, Arkansas Development Finance Authority Board of Trustees, Arkansas State Highway Employees Retirement System Board of Trustees, the Arkansas Rural Endowment Fund Board of Trustees and the 529 College Investment Plan. Treasurer of State Milligan is a member of the National Association of State Treasurer’s (NAST) and serves on the Legislative Committee. The Legislative Committee over sees the public policy positions and advocacy efforts of NAST.


 The goal of this website is to serve as the open door for you into this office.  Our vision and mission is simple to serve you the people with honesty and integrity while ensuring your hard earned tax dollars are invested in the most sound and secure method possible.


As your State Treasurer, I will constantly strive to bring innovation, technology and awareness to financial literacy in our state.  This office will be managed with transparency, honesty and integrity keeping in mind it is your money we are investing and managing.  Please never hesitate to contact me or my staff if you have any questions or need any additional resources.

Arkansas State Treasury    -    Arkansas State Capitol

500 Woodlane Street, Suite 220

Little Rock, AR 72201

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